The Secret to Happiness, Health, and Wealth

Half a year ago, my life was not how I wanted it to be. I was unhappy. I was making stupid decisions and acting on impulse rather than logic. I had been in trouble a few times, and it continued to make me unhappy. Things gradually got worse and worse. Soon, my lack of happiness lead to anger, which lead to depression. I needed a way out of this rut. I was constantly looking for a way to make myself happier, and I was constantly looking for something to aide me in my troubles. For a long while, nothing changed. I was still unhappy. Fortunately, right at the moment I was about to yank out every last bit of my hair, the doorbell rang.
In walked a family friend whom I hadn't seen in ages. As we reminisced and I told her about recent events that had occurred in my life, she told me she had an answer. She went out to her car and returned with a book. The cover was tattered and the spine was a little torn, but it was still intact. "Read this," she said. "It'll change yo…

Best Messaging Apps

With the advent of messaging apps, the way people use social media has undergone a drastic shift. These days, users all across the world log onto messaging apps not only for chatting with friends but, also for searching products, connecting with brands and watching content. Gone are the days, when they were just simple add-ons to your smart device used for exchanging pictures, messages, GIFs and videos.
Scope of Messaging Apps Though, their invention occurred because of some different intended purpose, however, instant messaging applications serve a range of purposes these days. Being a basic element of almost every smartphone, they are transforming the way of digital communication between brands and consumers. Following here are some of the potential aspects that shows how they are overtaking social media apps in terms of utility.
A Customer Service Portal Customer service is getting more personalised with these apps. Many businesses are building AI based Best Messenger Bots to resp…

The Greatness of Mercy of Allah

A man is meant to make mistakes and Allah always forgives them on single call. This is the mercy of Allah, even he knows our sins and is completely aware of our false intentions, and he still gives us another chance by forgiving us. Allah is the only one who is great enough to forgive us despite of all our sins. If we could recite and understand verses of Surah Rehman, we will get to about his mercy and blessings we have as it is said:
“Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you deny?” Qur’an 55:13
This year have a blessed journey of Hajj by choosing Umrah Packages offered by Road to Makkah. While looking closely at the blessings of Allah, it starts from life till death. From your parents to your children, every happiness and sorrow of life is blessing. Happiness teaches us to celebrate life and sorrows help us face the realities of life. It was Allah who sent down a book and Prophet (PBUH) for the guidance of mankind. Forgiveness of sins is another sign of Allah’s greatest mercy…

Truthfulness -The path of Islam


Best Hover Board for Sale

The hot demand of today’s world is the hoverboard for sale. If you have not yet experience the joyful ride of these boards then I must say you have missed a big deal. These boards are a crazy deal of fun. These are like electric power scoters but small in size and light in weight. All over the world these electric power boards are useful for all types, shapes, and size and style people. Keeping in mind customer interest and demand we gives you more reliable and experienced designed products. Our quality board gives you a flawless secure ride. Our batteries are official and more professional. You can use our boards freely for funky box race, dancing and for other competitions. It’s a good sort of game that you can gift your friends and love ones.

Human Civilization


Disney characters Coloring Pages Easy

Disney have different characters and they all are different and special from others. These Disney characters coloring pages easy have a huge variety for boys and girls. It depend on kids that what color they use to make their pages beautiful. These pages are used for different purposes like in summer vacation it’s a good time pass, give these pages like a competition with other kids, and give these pages when your kid play with rends it make their coloring better. In Disney characters you found many variety like Mickey Mouse, different princess, Aladdin coloring pages, about bug’s life and many others.